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The Highway Maintenance Yearbook & The Highway Electrical Yearbook. Contact info@spinfishpublishing.co.uk

The Highway Electrical Yearbook was first published by Highlec Publishing Limited in 1998, sponsored by the Highway Electrical Association, (formerly ASLEC). We are very proud of our strong links and associations with the Highway Electrical Association to this day.

The Highway Electrical Yearbook was a huge success and was followed two years later by its sister publication the Highway Maintenance Yearbook.

In 2016 Spinfish Publishing purchased Highlec Publishing and we began developing the already successful brands of the Highway Electrical Yearbook and the Highway Maintenance Yearbook.

With a background of 14 years in local interest magazine publishing, the Yearbooks have been a natural and comfortable addition to our publishing catalogue. Our existing skills of research, graphic design and account management have allowed us to streamline our data management and redesign the Yearbooks to bring them right up to date.

We regularly attend the Annual HEA Conference in November and the biannual Traffex exhibition and look forward to seeing you there if you are visiting or exhibiting.

We are proud of our association with industry leading sponsors and indebted to their support for the supply of one copy of each Yearbook to every Local Authority in the country.

Our links with the HEA
The Highway Electrical Yearbook is published in association with the the Highway Electrical Association (HEA), and we are indebted to the Association and its members for their support. We aim to be a useful tool for members of the organisation, each member receives a free copy of the Highway Electrical Yearbook as soon as it’s published, courtesy of our sponsor. For information about the Highway Electrical Association please contact Sue East sue@thehea.org.uk


Please call 01273 491462 or email info@spinfishpublishing.co.uk

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