If you work in the Street Lighting and Highway Electrical sectors, then the Highway Electrical Yearbook (HEY) is perfect for you.

We collaborate with industry leaders and Local Authorities to make sure the Highway Electrical Yearbook is packed with relevant, up-to-date information. HEY contains comprehensive Local Authority data including contracts, names and direct phone numbers, plus the latest statistics and league tables of industry performers. It includes contractors, consultants, suppliers and end-users, as well as key companies who provide the latest technology to benefit your business. We are proud to support the Highway Electrical Association and their members.

Unrivalled data collection
We gather information directly from Local Authorities which we filter into league tables and statistics to give a current view of the industry. You’ll find the Local Authorities with the most lighting units and EV charge points, and the exact people-contacts of the contractors and consultants who supply them. We also provide a Highway Map, in both print and interactive digital format, to give you a clear view of trends across the country, free with every purchase of HEY.

Are you listed?
We give a free listing to all UK companies relevant to the street lighting and electrical industry and there are advertising opportunities for enhancing or duplicating your entry across different categories. To find out more about our advertising rates please click here. The Highway Index, our online platform, is also available to promote your company. You can be listed in all relevant categories, see the Highway Index here.

Is your company listed in the correct section? To see a full list of all the categories and their section numbers click here.

Accurate, current and convenient
We work hard to make sure that everything we publish is accurate, and this means reaching out to Local Authorities and businesses year-round to update their information. If you are part of a Local Authority and wish to update your contact details, please click here. If your business details need updating please click here.

For more details, contact info@spinfishpublishing.co.uk

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