If you’re working in the Highway Maintenance sector, the Highway Maintenance Yearbook (HMY) provides all the connections you need.

Designed to give you the edge in a competitive market, HMY contains a convenient database of contractors, consultants and direct Local Authority contacts for the highway maintenance industry. Inside you’ll find detailed UK-wide local government contract information for the sector, as well as a comprehensive business directory.

Contract information
Keeping track of highways contracts can be complex and time-consuming. HMY includes everything you need to know about the ongoing contracts in every UK Local Authority, including the name, phone number and email of the relevant department manager, the consultant and contractor contact details, the contract length and expiry date.

Growing each year
HMY is established as an essential tool for those working in the highway maintenance industry. Each year we add new categories and expand our database of companies. For a full list of current categories click here. If there’s a sector you would like to see listed, please let us know.

Working with industry
HMY is comprehensive because Local Authorities, businesses, consultants and contractors share their information with us. If your details have changed, please let us know by filling in a this form. If you represent a Local Authority, please click here.

Are you listed?
We give a free listing to all companies relevant to the highway maintenance industry, and there are advertising opportunities in enhanced and multiple-category entries to help you stand out. Our digital platform, the Highway Index, allows you to be listed in as many categories as appropriate completely free – explore the Highway Index here. To find out more about our competitive advertising rates please click here.

For more details, contact info@spinfishpublishing.co.uk.

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