We are proud to produce two industry-wide handbooks for the street lighting and highway maintenance sectors.

Published annually, the Highway Electrical Yearbook (November) and the Highway Maintenance Yearbook (June) are exhaustive resources serving UK highway businesses and the public sector. The Highway Index is our new online directory, combining the data content of both Yearbooks (and more) in an accessible digital format.

Tendering for business? You’ll find detailed local government contract information and useful Local Authority statistics and contacts. Looking for a specific product? Our intuitive indexing and clear design will allow you to find exactly the right company to provide it.

Frustrated with spending valuable time looking for the correct Local Authority contact? Our meticulous research means you can find exactly the right name and phone number when you need it!

Our database is meticulously accurate, saving you and your company valuable time.

Highway Maintenance Yearbook

The Highway Maintenance Yearbook 25th Edition, 2024/2025 is sponsored Signway Supplies (Datchet) Ltd. It is published annually in June. Find out more

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Highway Electrical Yearbook

The Highway Electrical Yearbook27 (2024) sponsored by Kiwa CMT Testing. Published November 2023. Find out more

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  • William Sugg

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